Britain's female - only equestrian club... by women, for women.






Al Buraq Club is a London - based equestrian club that caters exclusively to women. Our activities are ideal for women who generally prefer to engage in sports in a women - only environment.




- To create social cohesion through equestrianism

- To provide a comfortable and flourishing sporting environment for women 

- To enhance the level of male and female BME participation in equestrianism

- To make equestrian vacations more accessible to low income households and young people

- To serve as a platform that inspires and assists females in becoming exemplary equestrian role models



- Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle 

- Advocating gender equality in equestrianism

- Facilitating inclusivity and diversity in equestrianism

- Empowering the voices of females through equestrianism

- Campaigning and collaborating with other sports bodies to progress and accomplish our common goals


Why Al Buraq Club?

- We address and resolve the various issues women face when engaging in sports 

- We provide uniquely designed services to suit the needs of our customers 

- We offer a variety of women - only equestrian activities